About Markin Amplification

These amplifiers are built in Vancouver, Canada by Mitch Markin. He has over 35 years of professional experience designing and building electronic equipment, specializing in projects for audio and music.

Mitch is also a skilled woodworker, often building the cabinetry and furniture needed for his projects. Before venturing off on his own, he applied his talents working for companies in the radio, television and recording industries.

Vacuum tubes were still commonly used in a lot of consumer and professional equipment when Mitch became interested in electronics as a child. He loved poking around in old radios, TV's and amplifiers. Maybe that's why he still loves tubes so much! And any electric guitar player worth his salt knows tubes are still essential to getting great tone.

Mitch has combined his passion for electronics, tubes, fine woodworking and guitar playing to create some amplifiers that look just as great as they sound. Some are reproductions of classics that have helped to define the sound of rock music. Others are more unique. All of them are built with the highest quality parts and materials. Mitch still builds them one at a time, paying attention to the smallest of details with the wiring and the cabinetry. His amps look just as impressive inside as they do from the outside.

Check out the links on the Home page for more detail about some of the amps Mitch has built.


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