Tweed Deluxe
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This combo is based on the classic 5E3 circuit except updates have been done to reduce the noise and improve the grounding. The chassis, parts and tweed cabinet came from Trinity Amps in Toronto. Mitch did the assembly and lacquered the cabinet. The preamp has two channels, Normal and Bright. Each have their own volume control and they interact just like the originals. Also like the originals, it has a single tone control and a Jensen P12Q speaker.

Tweed Deluxe Front Tweed Deluxe Back Tweed Deluxe Chassis
Tweed Deluxe Guts
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Power amp: 15 watts, Push/Pull
Preamp: 2 channels (Normal and Bright) each with their own Volume controls, common single tone control
     Power amp: matched pair JJ 6V6
     Preamp: 1 JJ 12AX7
     Phase Inverter: 1 JJ 12AY7
Rectification: Sovtek 5Y3 rectifier tube
Cabinet: 3/4" pine, lacquered tweed covering, Oxblood grill cloth
Chassis: 16 gauge steel with chrome plated front
Speaker: 12" Jensen P12Q
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